March 26, 2023

Tech News & AMA #23

Tech News & AMA #22 with our community members Yousssouf, Kawtar, Abderahim, Otmane and Mohammed. During this episode, we discuss last tech news related to AI, GPT-3, and much more.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:04:00 - Guests learning during the last period and Productivity in Ramadan.

0:42:50 - ChatGpt Plugins, how is will be used in the future? and the launch of Bard Google assistant.

1:11:00 - How nervous vs excited our guests about AI revolution we are living in?

1:27:00 - Spark of AGI with GPT-4.

1:47:00 - QA

2:10:00 - Future of education with AI revolution.

2:23:00 - WrapUp & Goodbye.


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