September 03, 2023

Back to School

In This episode, we discuss the Moroccan IT student's life, How to make the most of your academic years, and how to prepare for the job market.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:03:04 - What is your ultimate goal for an academic year as an IT student?

0:13:00 - How to deal with stress, and how to approach the generalist nature of your curriculum?

0:38:50 - How does participating in events and watching content online affect you as a student?

0:53:30 - How to prepare for internships in your first year!

0:37:00 - Perfection vs delivery and how to balance between them.

1:09:06 - Question: How to choose a technology to learn?

1:14:06 - How to deal with imposter syndrome as a student?

1:19:36 - Conclusion and goodbye.


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