February 20, 2022

Fail gloriously!

In this special episode, our guests share with us some failures stories, How those failures impact them, and lessons they learned from them. The main of this episode is basically to say it’s okay to fail; it’s a learning opportunity.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming guests

0:05:18 - Guests failures stories

0:18:24 - Impact of failure in personal and professional life

0:30:29 - Come back from failure 🚀

0:42:02 - Learnings from failure stories

0:57:17 - Challenging the term failure.

0:59:00 - How does society and the education system impact how we see failure?

1:09:14 - How can we learn from other people's failure stories?

1:12:14 - How to quit?

1:25:10 - Impact of Social Media

1:35:50 - Wrap up & Goodbye


Prepared and Presented by

Mohammed Aboullaite