December 20, 2020

PhD in Computer Science

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss with our guests Karim Mouhssine and Mohamed, who had experience in PhD before, everything about PhD and how to apply for it in Morocco.



0:00:00 - Introduction

0:03:00 - What is PhD, How long does it take, Objective of a PHD and How to apply for a CS PHD in Morocco ?

0:06:00 - Do you have any advices for choosing a subject and the supervisor?

0:09:00 - Advice for getting an additional funding if possible

0:12:00 - When you apply for a PhD in university, are you affected automatically to another institution?

0:13:00 - Is ther a precise time of the year when we can start working on our PhD?

0:20:00 - What are the objectives and responsabilities of a PhD syudent during his cursus?

0:32:00 - One of the requirements to aply for PhD is having indexed articles

0:38:00 - Do salaried PhD students pay subscribtion fees to PhD program?

0:39:00 - Any advices on how to write a scientific article?

0:42:00 - Different categories of academic journals. How to know the reputation (or impact) of a given journal ? Is there a ranking of academic journals ? How is a researcher's impact calculated ?

0:49:00 - Work opportunities for PHDs in Morocco beside a career in academia. Does having a PHD make any difference for working in a multinational company in Morocco like Oracle or Microsoft ?

1:00:00 - Is it difficult to publish an article?

1:02:00 - For CS PhDs, are there subjects that englobe other fields? (Industrial for example)

1:03:00 - Are Maths a principal requirement to apply for PhD in CS?

1:04:00 - Are there any collaborations of Moroccan universities with foreign universities in computer science research

1:22:00 - Recent important research made by moroccan universities in computer science. Leading moroccan universities in computer science research

1:25:00 - Why industries are not pushing forward subjects to universities?

1:44:00 - Wrap up & Goodbye


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