May 17, 2020

Self-Taught Developers

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss with self-taught developers about their experience, how they get started and how they made it professionally.


Abderrahim Soubai Elidrissi

Youness Hakky

Ismail Ghallou


0:00:00 - Introduction

0:05:00 - If you don’t have a CS degree, how did you learn to code?

0:08:00 - Did you do any particular courses or bootcamps?

0:12:00 - Was the learning path difficult at the beginning?

0:18:00 - How can you stay motivated while learning to code?

0:24:00 - Is it okay to start building an online presence as newbie web dev?

0:28:00 - How can a junior developer get out of the "tutorial cycle" ?

0:33:00 - Since things evolve very rapidly, how do you decide on what is worth learning ?

0:36:00 - What kind of projects should we work on ? should this projects be something really special and unique, or just take personal ideas and keep working on them and sharing them?

0:37:00 - How did you get your first programming job/ freelance work?

0:43:00 - How has your life changed since becoming a professional programmer?

0:49:00 - Has anyone ever asked about your coding qualifications when you have been talking to clients?

0:51:00 - Do you think a CS degree is unnecessary now?

0:57:00 - Did you still learn after you got your first job

1:00:00 - Do you have tips for getting a remote job as a junior developer?

1:02:00 - What advice do you have for someone who wants to get their first programming job but they don’t have the time or money for a CS degree?

1:32:00 - Is there something that most self-taughts have over "classic" engineers ?

1:35:00 - Does security background helps in cracking interviews and landing jobs as a developer?

1:42:00 - Will you go after fundamentals (Data types, patterns, algorithms...etc) Or you just learn things directly and try hard to go for it?

1:44:00 - Wrap up and Goodbye.

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