March 05, 2023

Tech Education in Morocco

In this Episode we discuss the current state of tech education in Morocco, Options available for students, challenges and opportunities in the field.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:08:00 - What the current state of tech education in Morocco, are we able to produce enough developers to meet the demand?

0:18:20 - What is bootcamp ? and Bootcamps in Morocco.

0:32:32 - 1337 and Youcode schools & their impact on the market and challenges they face.

1:02:00 - Universities education in Morocco and the challenges they are facing.

1:10:00 - English vs French in tech education and market.

1:26:00 - Is "Prepa" years a waste of time for students who want to study computer science?

1:34:01 - Students orientation and our role as developers to help them.

1:51:32 - State of Dev results and the future of tech education in Morocco.

2:08:00 - WrapUp & Goodbye


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