July 04, 2019

GeeksBlabla MSS With Google Engineer Sghiouar Abdelfettah

In this episode of GeeksBlabla MSS, we welcome Sghiouar Abdelfettah: Google Engineer at Google, to talk about his journey in IT field


Abdelfettah Sghiouar


00:00:00 - Welcoming guests and what is MSS?

00:01:00 - Who is Abdelfettah Sghiouar?

00:03:00 - Your first contact with IT/Technical field

00:09:00 - What was your branch in Baccalaureate diploma

00:12:00 - Why did you choose "ISTA" after your Baccalaureate diploma?

00:17:00 - Why did you choose to do two diplomas in "ISTA"? one in "IT Development" and the other in "Corporate Microelectronics and Telecommunications"

00:23:00 - Why did you refuse a technician position in the "The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs"?

00:27:00 - What push you to be engaged in the IT community?

00:28:00 - When did you decide to start sharing your knowledge?

00:30:00 - Working life before Google

00:34:00 - I have a Bac+2/Bac+3 diploma, should I start a career or complete my studies?

00:36:00 - Did you need your diploma (especially master's degree) at any time in your life?

00:37:00 - Where did you work before Google?

00:41:00 - How do you manage to be polyvalent in your job?

00:46:00 - How was your first contact with Google?

00:52:00 - What's important in an interview with Google? and how can we apply to the same job?

00:57:00 - Does Google requires a high level of English?

00:59:00 - A job at Google, is it something impossible, or it only needs some hard work?

01:03:00 - Why did you choose a startup (the company before Google) with a low salary and high challenges, against a multinational company with all the benefits that it offers?

01:08:00 - For a software engineer role, is having a deep knowledge about a programming language is a must? since most companies in morocco focus on knowing a lot of technologies & tools instead of concepts and theoretical stuff.

01:11:00 - Why joining Google in the USA is harder than joining Google in Europe?

01:16:00 - Do we need a background in Mathematics in order to learn Algorithms and Data structures?

01:20:00 - How can I improve my skills to become apt for a job like a software engineer?

01:25:00 - How do you spend your day as an Engineer at Google

01:29:00 - What are your objectives?

01:32:00 - Why did Youtube suddenly release a new policy that bans hacking education videos from being posted on the platform?

01:33:00 - If you're able to go back to the past, what would you change?

01:36:00 - Any pieces of advice for people who want to follow the same path?

01:37:00 - Does robotics exist inside of Google?

01:39:00 - GoLang VS Rust

01:40:00 - How is Knative doing in the market?

01:41:00 - What is Devoxx?

01:45:00 - Wrap up and goodbye!


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Prepared and Presented by

Mohammed Aboullaite

Soufian El Foukahi