January 19, 2020

MSS with Badr El Houari

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss Java, community and leadership with Badr, the Java champion, serial entrepreneur and the CIO of xHub.


Badr El Houari


0:00:00 - Episode Introduction

0:03:00 - Who is Badr El Houari?

0:05:00 - Your first contact with IT/Technical field

0:06:00 - The community spirit

0:13:00 - Your first meetup?

0:19:00 - How did the idea of Jmaghreb start?

0:21:00 - When did you decide to start the first event?

0:27:00 - Why Morocco JUG does not organize meetings anymore? Do they have any plans this year?

0:31:00 - What is the future of Java after 10 years?

0:34:00 - What's the meaning of the motto behind you -we live to code, never code to live-?

0:35:00 - Your first talk?

0:40:00 - What is the secret behind the success of Jmaghreb?

0:46:00 - From Jmaghreb to Devoxx

0:59:00 - Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

1:09:00 - Advice to Moroccan entrepreneurs

1:15:00 - How Student should prepare for the job market

1:18:00 - Does xHub give the opportunity to self-taught developers without a diploma?

1:19:00 - What's the secret of the good vibe and the positive energy at xHub?

1:23:00 - Do you think Morocco has talented developers?

1:29:00 - How do you see the future of programming in Morocco?

1:32:00 - Do you think there are job opportunities for talented self-taught developers in Morocco?

1:34:00 - Is it possible to be an entrepreneur and a programmer at the same time?

1:37:00 - As a Java champion, what are some criticisms of Java?

1:40:00 - Difference between Application Architect and Developer?

1:42:00 - Wrap up and goodbye!


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Prepared and Presented by :

Meriem Zaid

Mohammed Aboullaite

Soufian El Foukahi