November 08, 2020

MSS with Mehdi Belmekki

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Mehdi Belmekki who is the currently Services Sales Rep in GitHub in EMEA region.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcome=ing

0:02:00 - Who is Mehdi Belmekki ?

0:04:00 - Academic background, where is the guest born, education until baccalauréat and higher education studies

0:11:00 - Something you advise for moroccan students in engineering

0:17:00 - How do you evaluate the certification system along with studies, and what are the pros of INSEAD Certification?

0:20:00 - First contact with technology in general and computer science in particular

0:24:00 - Can you tell us more about GitHub student pack?

0:26:00 - You worked almost 6 years at Alfresco, How was the experience ?

0:35:00 - You started as Technical Consultant, then promoted to Principal, then Architect and finally Engagement Manager. First can you tell us more about Engagement manager role ?

0:42:00 - What pushed you to make the move ?

0:49:00 - In 2018 you Joined Github, How did you get to Github for the first time ?

0:54:00 - You started as a Solution engineer and then switched to Sales rep. First what is Solution engineering at Github ?

0:56:00 - How was the switch to Sales Rep, specially in the EMEA region

1:00:00 - What changed in Github after joining Microsoft ? Are there any cool projects for the future, especially in the CI area.

1:06:00 - What are the issues you had while switching from Technical to Engagement manager?

1:09:00 - Are there any future plans of Github with Morocco ?

1:12:00 - Do you have any special advice for people that want to get into Github?

1:18:00 - We know, and not GitHub services. Can you tell us more about it

1:20:00 - What is your opinion about how computer science is teached in moroccan universities ? Is it good ? Does it lack anything important ? Does it produce competent people ?

1:28:00 - Does GitHub have any expansion plans in african coutries?

1:29:00 - Does GitHub have any guidelines on AI and wants to invest in that field?

1:30:00 - What is the difference between DevSecOps and Pentesting ?

1:33:00 - When GitHub sponsors will launch in Africa?

1:38:00 - Wrap up and goodbye.

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