December 06, 2020

MSS with Mohamed Youssfi

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Mohamed Youssfi, one of the most famous university school teachers in morocco, we discuss his experience and IT education in morocco.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:04:00 - Who is Mohamed Youssfi ?

0:13:00 - Did you plan to be a teacher in your childhood?

0:22:00 - What is the secret behind a successful teacher?

0:30:00 - The story behind Mohammed Youssfi successful youtube channel.

0:46:00 - Why most of the tutorials are related to Java and JEE?

1:00:00 - Getting updated about the latest technologies?

1:10:00 - How to deal with the level of disparity between students?

1:16:00 - What do you think about the height of education in Morocco (IT)?

1:35:00 - Is diplomas important in IT?

1:51:00 - French or English for height school education ?

2:10:00 - The problem of researcher professor not working in technology in the market before teaching it.

2:28:00 - The State Of Dev In Morocco 2020.

2:48:00 - what the first thing you will do if you are the minister of education.

3:04:00 - Pieces of Advice to students.

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