December 19, 2018

MSS with Taher Alami

In this episode of GeeksBlabla MSS, we welcome Taher Alami , He has been involved in the Moroccan tech community for the last 21 years. As a Web Consultant & Serial Web Entrepreneur, we'll talk about weboma, Moroccan community, startup ecosystem, and more ...



00:00:00 - Introduction: Welcoming and presenting the guest.

00:10:00 - Taher Alami's first years in web development.

00:15:00 - First experience with entrepreneurship.

00:18:00 - Can anyone become a software developer? and How to be successful as a web developer?

00:22:00 - Future of the Moroccan web.

00:25:00 - The Moroccan web community and its future.

00:29:00 - Working as a developer in Dubai.

00:32:00 - Startup ecosystem in Morocco.

00:40:00 - Is it easier to start a startup in Dubai than Morocco?

00:41:00 - focus on learning one technology or multiple at once?

00:49:00 - Why should learn about blockchain as a freenalcer?

00:52:00 - Investment in Africa and Taher Alami experience in this field.

00:59:00 - Big data and cloud computing in Morocco.

01:02:00 - AR and Spark AR.

01:08:00 - Advice for youth Entrepreneurs/Developers.

01:12:00 - Freezone in Dubai.

01:21:00 - Wrap up and goodbye!


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Prepared and Presented by :

Mohammed Aboullaite

Soufian El Foukahi