June 06, 2021

Celebrating 26 years of Java !

Celebrating 26 years of Java with our community members Badr, Marouane, and Mohammed. During this episode we discuss the latest Java updates, and we answer audience questions about Java, and much more.



00:00:00 - Introduction

00:03:00 - Why are we still using Java?

00:09:00 - Why backward compatibility important for Java?

00:13:00 - How they keep the promise of the new release cycle?

00:16:00 - What are JCP, JSR, and JEP?

00:21:00 - Why JVM powerful?

00:27:00 - What is the project in the ecosystem that pushes Java?

00:35:00 - Comments

01:03:00 - The demand of java developers in the market (local market and international market)

01:07:00 - Is Java one of the options for new developers? And What are things that can help them to learn Java?

01:11:00 - Java still had 3 billion devices or this number decrease?

01:14:00 - Comments

01:16:00 - Wrap up and goodbye.

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