April 12, 2020

DevC Community

In this special episode of GeeksBlabla, some of its core team members discussed what is DevC community, how it started and how Facebook supports DevC. At the end, the members revealed some of the secrets and memories they had in the community.


0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:05:00 - What is DevC Casablanca?

0:09:00 - The start of DevC Casa

0:16:00 - How to join the core team of DevC Casa?

0:28:00 - The relationship between Facebook and DevC community

0:37:00 - Are profitable projects the goal of the community?

0:41:00 - How the planning of talks and meetings goes?

0:45:00 - The vision of the group in the future?

0:50:00 - How to build a new DevC community?

0:53:00 - The help of the state and the universities to support the community

0:55:00 - Students and the core team

0:57:00 - The struggle of the community to organize meet-ups

1:00:00 - Rules of the group (Code of conduct)

1:05:00 - Giving back to the community and knowledge sharing

1:08:00 - How speakers/guests of GeeksBlabla and offline meet-ups are chosen?

1:16:00 - As a startup or a company, how can I sponsor a DevC activity?

1:22:00 - Online meetups and thinking to shift to it + The added value of offline meet-ups

1:29:00 - Sharing of good and bad experiences/memories that the presenters had in the community

1:46:00 - The future of GeeksBlabla, the introduction of the GeeksBlabla Facebook page

1:50:00 - The idea of sharing articles and open source projects in the community

1:53:00 - How to get notified about the news of GeeksBlabla

1:55:00 - Wrap up and good bye


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