November 22, 2020

How Does the Internet Work?

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we will discover with our guests how the Internet actually works.



0:00:00 - Introduction.

0:07:00 - Briefly, how does the Internet work?

0:12:00 - What's the first thing that happens when we type something into Google?

0:17:00 - Electrical signals and Raspberry Pies.

0:20:00 - What can we possibly build with a Raspberry Pi?

0:23:00 - What actually happens when we search for something in Google?

0:25:00 - What does HSTS protect against and how is it implemented?

0:28:00 - What is mixed content (HTTP over HTTPS)?

0:33:00 - What does HTTP or HTTPS mean from the server side?

0:37:00 - What is DNS, how does it work and why is it important?

0:44:00 - Does changing DNS improve Internet speed?

0:53:00 - Do DNS resolvers control your Internet accessibility?

0:57:00 - How is the encapsulated frame sent to the internet through the default gateway?

1:03:00 - HTTP and the OSI model.

1:07:00 - What is the MAC address?

1:08:00 - What exactly is a protocol?

1:11:00 - Game Theory and communication networks.

1:13:00 - What is ARP cash poisoning (ARP Spoofing)?

1:15:00 - What happens when an HTTP request reaches the Server?

1:22:00 - Why is it said that HTTP is a stateless protocol?

1:24:00 - Reverse Proxy Server attacks.

1:25:00 - Concepts every back-end developer must be familiar with (sessions, cookies and ORM).

1:31:00 - Subdomains (cost, limitations and hosting).

1:33:00 - What is a Canonical Name (CNAME)?

1:35:00 - Why a Server has to be near the Client and how does it impact the Latency?

1:37:00 - As a DevOps engineer, how much do you need to know about network protocols? Are the basics enough?

1:39:00 - What is the difference between a Reverse Proxy and a Load Balancer?

1:47:00 - What is JSON Web Token (JWT) and how does it work?

1:54:00 - How does a Server respond to a request?

2:04:00 - What are the major components of a web browser?

2:13:00 - What is HTML parsing?

2:18:00 - Why is it important for a software engineer to have global knowledge?

2:23:00 - What is HTTP/3?

2:31:00 - Briefly, what exactly is the Deep Web?

2:37:00 - Wrap up and goodbye.


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