January 17, 2021

Internet of Things

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discussed with our guests Ali Lakrakbi and Saad Zabari what's IoT, its impact, Adopting IoT in Morocco, and more things about it.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming.

0:07:00 - What's the Internet of Things?

0:11:00 - Why the Internet of Things, and what is its impact on humanity?

0:19:00 - Around 4/5 years ago, IoT was trending, and then it started slowly to disappear. Why is that?

0:26:00 - What are the difficulties in creating a startup in the domain of Iot, and why don't we see many successful startups in that area?

0:39:00 - What is the impact of 5g on IoT?

0:43:00 - Rumors said that the vaccine would have a microchip; technically, is that possible?

0:46:00 - Is there any risk concerning the IoT, specifically because we are related to servers/cloud?

0:52:00 - What are the solutions proposed by manufacturers to ensure security and privacy?

1:15:00 - During quarantine, the community of makers and IoT enthusiasts were here, never than before were in the appointment and came up with many great initiatives. Your opinion about that?

1:23:00 - Adopting IoT in Morocco will help the communities to move forward, and having products made in morocco?

1:30:00 - How can we integrate IoT into the education system?

1:49:00 - Conclusion and Goodbye.

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