July 04, 2021

JavaScript Ecosystem

In this episode of GeeksBlaBla with our community members Wassim, Ismail, Abderahim, Abdellah, and Youssouf, We discuss the Javascript ecosystem from the first javascript days and the secret behind its popularity to the latest new frameworks and tools and the best practices to learn it for beginners and much more. In this episode, we have the chance to present a live demo with Wassim about Github copilot.



0:00:00 - Intro and welcoming.

0:06:00 - The power of javascript and the secret behind it

0:13:00 - Do you think Javascript is the right language to start with as a beginner?

0:28:00 - Javascript learning RoadMap

0:45:00 - JavaScript libraries and frameworks, how to choose?

1:19:00 - Is Typescript the new Javascript?

1:33:00 - Javascript in the backend.

1:41:00 - Javascript new tools systems; esbuild, wite, snowpack.

1:53:00 - Javascript testing tools and libraries.

2:02:00 - WebAssemby

2:07:00 - Github Copilot demo

2:35:00 - The future of javascript.

2:45:00- Wrap up and goodbye


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