March 14, 2021

Monitoring: Why, and How?

In this episode, we talk about Monitoring, what is it about, what to consider in a project roadmap, how to do it and its different types with our guests..



0:00:00 - Introduction.

0:05:00 - What is Monitoring?

0:08:00 - When should monitoring take place?

0:11:00 - What do we need to monitor ?

0:22:00 - How we define KPIs - The indicators we need to keep an eye on.

0:25:00 - How to say that a resource is behaving normally?

0:43:00 - Monitoring Toolchain (ELK Stack , Prometheus and Grafana)

0:59:00 - What are the different types of monitoring ?

1:06:00 - Infrastructure Monitoring vs Application Monitoring

1:14:00 - What is Observability and how it differs from Monitoring ?

1:17:00 - What are the big benefits of cloud monitoring solutions VS in house monitoring solutions

1:23:00 - With the increase in compressed application life cycles, proper monitoring is critical in DevOps. How can we deal with it?

1:40:00 - Datadog demo

1:50:00 - Wrap up and goodbye.


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