July 09, 2023

The State of AR and VR

In this episode, we discuss the state of AR and VR, the challenges and opportunities that this field faces, how to get started and most important resources that help to learn it.


Omar Guendeli


Houssam Eddine REHHALI


0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:05:00 - The state of AR and VR — is it a promising field or just hype?

0:15:10 - why meta is investing heavily in AR and VR ?

0:23:00 - Apple's vision of AR and VR with the new headset

0:37:00 - AR and VR hardware and software challenges

0:45:00 - B to B use cases of AR and VR

1:10:00 - Start learning AR and VR and how having a background in video games helps

1:23:04 - Resources to learn AR and VR

1:31:10 - Jobs opportunities in AR and VR in Morocco and outside

1:41:20 - The future of AR and VR

1:51:00 - GeeksBlabla Picks

1:58:10 - Conclusion and goodbye.


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