July 05, 2020

Ask Me Anything #3

Ask Me Anything episode #3 with our community members Mohammed, Ismail and Youssouf, During this episode we answer audience questions about programming, community,new technologies and much more.


Mohammed Aboullaite

Youssouf EL Azizi

Ismail EL Azizi


0:00:00 - Introduction

0:05:00 - Share with us your latest experiences.

0:07:00 - How is the Facebook Developer Circle - Casablanca community is managed?

0:10:00 - The importance of maintaining an open source project.

0:14:00 - Has covid-19 had an impact on the hiring of developers in Morocco?

0:17:00 - How front-end developers and UX designers work together?

0:20:00 - What are the conflicts that a designer can have with a developer?

0:23:00 - How can a developer improve his design perspective?

0:31:00 - What are your thoughts on Typescript?

0:36:00 - Any tips for React beginners?

0:39:00 - Do designers take into consideration time constraint when making a design and handling it to developers?

0:43:00 - The benefits of working on side projects.

0:47:00 - Why schools won't teach you new technologies?

0:50:00 - What are some of the best side projects for a junior developer?

0:56:00 - Is audio processing worth to be done using web audio API?

1:00:00 - React Native Fabric Architecture.

1:03:00 - Personal branding for developers.

1:04:00 - Side projects to get familiar with Java EE.

1:06:00 - Why new startups tend to use languages like PHP and PYTHON for the back-end instead of JAVA?

1:08:00 - The ideal way to start your open source journey.

1:12:00 - Can we find python internships in Morocco? If so, how can I find them?

1:16:00 - Any platform where I can find web design challenges?

1:29:00 - Wrap up and goodbye.


Refactoring UI

React Typescript

React Egghead Course

React Episode

DevC Casa Hacktoberfest


Daily UI Design

Prepared and Presented by :

Youssouf EL Azizi