July 19, 2020

Building A Resume

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss best practices to build a resume, how to avoid most common mistakes and some tools to build a Good resume.


Othmane Kinane

Meriem Zaid

Mohamed Ez-zarghili


0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming.

0:05:00 - Why do employers care about resumes and why your resume is very critical in your path searching for a new job?

0:10:00 - Guests experience writing their first resume.

0:23:00 - Challenges for Students on Writing their resumes.

0:38:00 - Most common mistakes made by junior developers building their resumes.

0:48:00 - Most Important sections for a developer resume.

1:20:00 - Cover letter.

1:25:00 - QA.

1:54:00 - Reviewing community member's resumes.

2:25:00 - Wrap up and Goodbye.

Prepared and Presented by :

Youssouf EL Azizi