June 04, 2023

Building Smart Apps with LLMs

In this episode, we discuss Large Language Models (LLMs): how everything started, how do they work, and how to use frameworks such as LangChain to develop intelligent applications.


Taha Bouhsine

Sifeddine Nahhas

Nouamane Tazi


0:00:00 - Introduction and Welcome Notes

0:05:33 - History of LLMs

0:12:00 - The role of transformers in LLMs

0:21:00 - How LLMs differ from other AI methods.

0:26:00 - Emergent Abilities of Large Language Models

0:42:00 - HuggingFace and the role or open-source in LLMs development

0:47:00 - Open source LLMs.

1:04:00 - Using LLMs to build Smart Apps.

1:39:00 - Advice for Software Engineers with no AI background to get started with LLMs.

1:46:00 - Conclusion and Goodbye.


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