November 15, 2020

Career paths for software developers

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss with our guests the different career paths for software developers as well as the challenges that aspiring software developers could face in their journey.



0:00:00 - Introduction.

0:02:00 - What are the career progressions for software developers/engineers in the tech industry and how much time does it take to progress from one level to another?

0:19:00 - What are the common mistakes developers and software engineers do in their career?

0:28:00 - Why learning english is a must when it comes to software engineering?

0:29:00 - Generalist vs Specialist in the tech industry.

0:35:00 - A mistake to avoid if you want to be taken seriously as a software engineer/developer.

0:38:00 - What are the different kinds of companies a software engineer/developer could work for?

0:40:00 - Tell us about your experience working for a services company and how was the career progression system like?

0:44:00 - What exactly is a services comapany?

0:49:00 - The career path of software engineer in a product company.

0:56:00 - What are the different types of product companies?

0:59:00 - Career evolutions in product companies.

1:04:00 - Global Distribution System and why airplane tickets can get very expensive?

1:06:00 - Software engineers in Startups.

1:10:00 - How the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation impacted Startups?

1:15:00 - Advice for Startups employees.

1:18:00 - What should I look for when it comes to Startup equity?

1:26:00 - If there are no well-defined rules in a company regarding advancement in the hierarchy, how can we progress?

1:28:00 - What are the optimal career paths for someone who would like to work in Europe?

1:32:00 - Freelance career path for software engineers?

1:38:00 - Public organizations and software engineering.

1:44:00 - What are the disadvantages of working in public organizations after graduation?

1:46:00 - How companies invest in your learning/training?

1:57:00 - How to evolve as an infrastructure junior engineer?

1:59:00 - Wrap up and goodbye.


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