September 12, 2021

Coding Bootcamp in Morocco

In this episode of GeeksBlaBla, we discuss coding Bootcamps in morocco; what you need to learn before attending a coding bootcamps? Options we have in morocco ? How much does that cost to participate in coding bottcamps? And much more.



0:00:00 - Intro and welcoming.

0:05:00 - What is a Bootcamp?

0:08:00 - Can bootcamp replace studies in university?

0:19:00 - Does it work for everyone/people with no experience and people with CS degrees?

0:37:00 - Process of a Bootcamp.

1:01:00 - How much does a coding Bootcamp cost?

1:12:00 - Coding bootcamp for children.

1:16:00 - Coding bootcamp vs online course.

1:27:00 - Drawbacks of Bootcamps?

1:37:00- Wrap up and goodbye


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