December 05, 2021

How to succeed in end of study internship (PFE)

We talk about the end of study internship(PFE) in this episode. How to find a good end of studies internship? How to prepare yourself for the internship and succeed during the internship?



0:00:00 - Intro and welcoming.

0:15:00 - What are the main goals of an end of studies internship?

0:50:00 - How to deal if your option is not related to development as we don't have enough opportunities on other options such Big data.

0:54:00 - Are universities helping students find PFE?

1:04:00 - How and Where can I find internship opportunities?

1:23:00 - Big companies vs medium and startups, which one is the best for an internship (advantages and disadvantages)?

1:32:00 - Resumes and Interviews

2:07:00 - Should companies pay interns?

2:26:00 - How to succeed during the internship?

3:00:00 - Wrap up and Goodbye


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