April 11, 2021

MSS with Abdelahad SATOUR

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Abdelahad SATOUR, a developer, tech serial entrepreneur, and learner; Abdelahad has more than 31 certificates in the IT and business fields; during the episode, he shared with us his professional and personal experiences.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:02:00 - Who is Abdelahad SATOUR?

0:11:00 - Studies and school activities

0:15:00 - Learning experience in high school and how to get the best of it?

0:19:00 - Abdelahad's first steps as an entrepreneur.

0:28:00 - The secrets behind his commitment and motivation.

0:58:00 - What is success for Abdelahad?

1:04:00 - Getting things done.

1:10:00 - Learning and get updated about tech.

1:16:00 - How to know what works for you as a learning method?

1:19:00 - How to be focused on your work?

1:23:00 - Why certifications?

1:30:00 - QA

1:50:00 - Wrap up and goodbye

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