June 28, 2020

MSS with Adnane Belmadiaf

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, our guest Adnane Belmadiaf a frontend developer and also a very known person in Linux community who contributed to Ubuntu and will share his story.


Adnane Belmadiaf


0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming.

0:01:00 - Who is Adnan Belmadiaf?

0:02:00 - Academic background? Moroccan public school//universities or outside Morocco?

0:09:00 - When you started as a web developer more than 10 years ago? How was the web experience back then?

0:11:00 - Then you were one of the very few users, starting to use ubuntu and linux before it was cool. Tell us a bit about the experience back then?

0:17:00 - Why was Ubuntu your favorite Linux distribution compared to others?

0:21:00 - Linux at that time, was not as rich as these days. How did you manage to keep it up with essential tools?

0:23:00 - You contributed to many Linux and open source projects. What drove you to make your first contribution?

0:26:00 - One of the great achievements that you must certainly be proud of, is becoming an official Ubuntu member, How did you get there and what was your reaction back then?

0:33:00 - How do you evaluate the web revolution in the past decade?

0:56:00 - Was there a role for the Moroccan team to integrate Amazigh language or any efforts related to the integration?

1:03:00 - Is the Moroccan Team community still active ? Can people join? What are the prerequisites?

1:29:00 - You founded the ubuntu MoroccanTeam ? tell us a bit more about it?

1:42:00 - How do you evaluate the contribution of the Moroccan community in open source?

1:46:00 - What are your recommendations and advice to anyone who wants to start open source contributions?

1:49:00 - How can people keep up with the rapid pace of front end technology nowadays?

2:15:00 - Wrap up & bye bye


Moroccan Team

DRM issues

Prepared and Presented by :

Meriem Zaid

Mohamed Ez-zarghili