May 03, 2020

MSS with Meriam Kharbat and Ouafae Aamer

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss the success story for two young women in the IT field in and outside Morocco.


Meriam Kharbat

Ouafae Aamer


0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:05:00 - Education path

0:09:00 - tell us what your day job is

0:19:00 - How long have you been working as Product Manager, Developer

0:22:00 - What do you do besides being a software engineer by day

0:31:00 - how did you get where you are today and how did you come to work at (field intelligence inc )

0:38:00 - What was your childhood dream? was it IT related ?

0:41:00 - What influenced you to pursue a career in IT

0:48:00 - What led you to embark on an international career

1:03:00 - What are some challenges you’ve faced ?

1:12:00 - Are there any particular Moroccan women in tech who have inspired you?

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