June 07, 2020

MSS with Omar Guendeli

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss a success story of a Moroccan Gameplay Programmer who used to work in different games in Morocco, while being a med student, and made it to a big firm.


Omar Guendeli


0:00:00 - Introduction

0:03:00 - Can you give us a brief look into what inspired you when you were young?

0:05:00 - Did family or friends influence your decision to get into games or was this something you became interested in on your own?

0:09:00 - What was the first game you worked on?

0:13:00 - And how was your experience working on games in morocco?

0:16:00 - Did you work with companies who are 100% into gaming products?

0:20:00 - Did you have a mentor ?

0:23:00 - Are there any classic or current games/films that changed your creative vision or that stand out to you as must play/watch and why

0:24:00 - Have you been impressed or surprised by any recently?

0:26:00 -Is there a favorite project or game title you’ve worked on recently and what made it fun for you personally?

1:04:00 - Is working with an international team a game changer in your career and your learning path?

1:05:00 - and how is it to work in a very well known company?

1:07:00 - What is your favorite part of game development, and the worst parts?

1:13:00 - What were your hardest problems during the development of the game and how did you solve them?

1:17:00 - What are the skills that an optimum newbie should possess in order to work efficiently and effectively in this domain?

1:23:00 - What would be the best advice you would give to someone who wants to take a video game idea from the paper and develop it into a full game?

1:28:00 - What’s the deal with cheat codes?

1:58:00 - Wrap up and Goodbye.

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