October 04, 2020

MSS with Samir Benmakhlouf

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Samir Benmakhlouf who is the current CEO of London Academy School and previous Country Manager of Microsoft Morocco



0:00:00 - Introduction and Welcoming. Reminder to register to blablaconf

0:02:00 - Educational journey + Higher education journey

0:07:00 - Why going to the US instead of France or other countries to pursue your higher education studies ?

0:16:00 - Why pursuing a PHD ? Is PHD something you advise for moroccan students ?

0:18:00 - Advantages and inconvenients of education in USA

0:23:00 - Doing a PHD directly after a bachelor ?

0:33:00 - Role of the guest within Microsoft Morocco + Missions of Microsoft Morocco

0:36:00 - Future plans of Microsoft for Morocco

0:37:00 - Advices for people that want to work within Microsoft

0:38:00 - Few words about Bill Gates and his style of management

0:40:00 - WHy aren't there any big technological lab in Morocco ? (Like Google AI center in Ghana)

0:47:00 - How is Coding teached in london academy ?

0:52:00 - Guest point of view about how computer science in teached in Moroccan universities ?

0:56:00 - How were courses handled in London Academy during the Covid 19 pandemic ?


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