June 13, 2021

MSS with Wassim CHEGHAM

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Wassim CHEGHAM, Sr. JavaScript Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Core contributor at Angular, Core contributor Nodejs and Ambassador for Auth0



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:01:00 - Who is Wassim CHEGHAM?

0:03:00 - How did he get interested in technology?

0:05:00 - How did you get introduced to Javascript?

0:08:00 - What is the advice for beginner developers that you can give to choose a programming language for a professional career?

0:15:00 - Do blogging help in the learning phase and in building your own personal brand?

0:21:00 - Walk us through some of your contributions to angular , bazel and nodejs and What you will earn from contributing / open source?

0:30:00 - (comments) How do you learn and practice more in less time?

0:38:00 - How was your experience at the professional life, and experience to manage the balance between personal life, fun, and professional life?

0:46:00 - Is Dependency injection implementation still your favorite feature about angular?

0:47:00 - (comments) How to become a GDE?

0:55:00 - What does it mean to be an advocate developer? Tell us about the developer advocate iceberg.

1:06:00 - What is your vision/expectation, where the technologies are heading?

1:10:00 - (comments) What is your vision/expectation for Javascript?

1:18:00 - (comments) Talking about web views, do you recommend specific one? (in Angular context) (Cordova, Capacitorjs)

1:20:00 - (comments) What is the future of Web Assembly, It's time to jump and start learning it?

1:21:00 - Advice for geeksblabla community

1:25:00 - Wrap up and goodbye


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