February 16, 2020

Side Projects & Indie Hacking

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss Side Project & indie Hacking, How To Get Started, Best Practices, Useful resources and Much More with the amazing Mehdi and Motaquillah.


Mehdi Sakout

Motaquillah Maddane


00:00:00 - Introduction: Welcoming, guests intro.

00:05:00 - What is an Indie hacking, Side Project and side Product?

00:16:00 - My first Step as an indie Hacker: How to get started?

00:24:00 - How to get and stay motived ?

00:32:00 - Working alone vs finding a partner, and how to find a partner ( co-founder)

00:36:00 - When to take a side project "seriously" and start working on it full time ? What are the metrics to track ?

00:39:00 - What skills do you need to launch a successful side project ?

00:45:00 - Side Project Step by Step:

    * Validate Your idea
    * MVP
    * Find first costumers
    * B2B vs B2C
    * Go Public & Share your product

01:18:00 - QA

01:26:00 - Successful side Project by Moroccan Makers.

01:33:00 - Resources


Product Hunt



Start small stay small The mom test

Getting real

Prepared and Presented by :

Youssouf El Azizi

Soufian El Foukahi

Mehdi Sakout