February 27, 2022

Tech News & AMA #16

Tech News & AMA #16 with our community members Abderahim, Hamza, and Khalil. During this episode, we discuss Khalil's experience as a security researcher, the latest Tech News, and we answer audience questions about programming, community, new technologies, and much more.



0:00:00 - Introduction

0:03:50 - Khalil's story as a security researcher.

0:19:10 - A day in the life of a security researcher.

0:26:40 - Tooling and Programming languages you need to master to start as a security researcher

0:35:00 - Khalil studies and helped him master this field as a self-thought security researcher.

0:38:00 - Can a developer combine between Dev and DevOps?

0:43:00 - Is mastering C important for security researchers?

0:47:03 - Is mastering Networking important for security researchers?

0:55:00 - Menara program

0:58:00 - State of JS results

1:09:00 - GeeksBlabla Picks.

1:18:50 - Wrap up & Goodbye



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