June 20, 2021

Working at Google with Moroccan Googlers

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we invited Moroccan Googlers Karima, Rachid, Mehdi, and Abdelfatah to discuss their journey working at google, the benefits and disadvantages of working on FAANG companies and the interviews process to join Google, and much more.



0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming

0:05:00 - Guests academic path

0:16:00 - Do you think your academic studies in morocco give you enough concepts to start a job at Google?

0:34:00 - Should joining FAANG be an objective for every developer?

0:43:00 - What is your job at google?

0:58:00 - Working in morocco vs working on a big company such as Google.

1:11:00 - Is working at Google stressful?

1:25:00 - Bad sides of working at Google (or at a similar size tech company), what don’t you like about your job?

1:42:00 - Salaries at Google

1:53:00 - As a student, what should I focus on to make joining Google easier?

1:58:00 - How can competitive programming help you join Google?

2:08:00 - Process to join Google.

2:18:00 - Interviews Process and how to prepare them.

2:40:00 - Wrap up and goodbye


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